Thursday, January 14, 2016

Rejected View from Valehaven Awards 2015/16 AKA, Really? This Again?

Rejected View from Valehaven Awards 2015/16 

AKA, Really?  This Again?

Most likely to sell out their friends for cheese.

Swore they would wear pants at the next event.

Most likely to be banned from a privy.

Most likely to be told to take the trash out, in the cold, at night, without boots, or a flashlight.

Obviously not going to bribe their way into the Order of the Peacock, even with a bolt of silk fabric made from the tears of angels. Angels who really needed the money.  Really needed.

Player who's personal color scheme clashes with their kingdom's heraldry.

Dish at a feast best suited towards putting out a fire.

Event Plot, best used to lull narcoleptic children to sleep with.

Owner of a Hat designed to be used as an emergency flotation device.

Most likely to need a helmet, at a feast.

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