Thursday, January 28, 2016

Order of the List 2016 Update by Tucker "Temorse" Noyes

We would like to thank everyone who participated or hosted tournaments for the 2015 season, it was a great year with some excellent competition. We would like to thank Creathorne for hosting the 5th Order of the List Invitational, as well as congratulate Justin “William” Burchell on his win this year and induction into the order.

 Additionally the Order of the List would like to formally announce our annual update for the 2016 season. There will no changes to the structure of how participants interact with events. We will continue to limit the total number of sanctioned tournaments per year, however this restriction will not be based on just the nation or group throwing it. Event-holders looking to run Order of the List sanctioned tournaments will now need to fill out the attached form in order for their event to be approved to award points for the Order of the List. We will make considerations primarily on the size and purview of the tournament being run, as well as the history of quality of the tournament and event holders. We will also consider diversity of the groups throwing tournaments, but it will no longer be a primary factor in that decision. 

We look forward to another great season ahead of us, and we hope that all of our competitors this year are ready to step up to the challenge and train hard in hopes of taking home the coveted title of 2016 Order of the List Champion!

The form can be found here.

2015 Top 16

2015 Top 16

2015 Winner: William (R); Runner-up: Guilliam (L)

 Photos by Ben Hamilton

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