Thursday, January 7, 2016

Help Wanted: View from Valehaven

The View is looking to have another face join us at our editing desk.  What does this mean?
It means you get to write articles, help round up contributions of writing and art, and keep tabs on what is happening in our community.
Maybe you just like to write?
Maybe you want to help with one of the longest going traditions in the game's history?
Or dos thes scentens reely upsit u?  mabee u r a gramer fixur?
We can use your help!
Send us a quick paragraph or two so we can get an idea of who you are, and your writing style.

Be advised that:

  • we do have staff meetings once a week, via chat
  • staff chat can be a little odd
  • we are very frank with each other
  • you have to put up with Alex (and Kelly)
  • you will also have to put up with Jen

Email address is

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