Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Recap: 2016 View from Valehaven View Content Award Nominations!

In case you missed ir or want to take a moment to peruse, here are the nominations for the View content View awards: 

Best Series:
Ask Syruss by Cal "Syruss" Marsden
An Atypical View by the Silent Scribbler
Why I Want to Go by Kelly "Twenaria" Bonci
Knights and Squires - Various Authors
The Stacked Deck by James "Tao" Murphy
Where Are They Now? by Angie "Phoenix" Gray

Best Photo:
Gau Dring Big Game Hunt by Dustin Mack
Jinx v. Blade, Tourney of Blades by Alex Sargent/Paul Tilton
Enlon v. ?, Tourney of Blades by Alex Sargent/ Paul Tilton
Rhiassa Advances by Robyn Nielsen
Ezra Gets Creative by Jesse Gifford
Saka Becomes Warlord by Jesse Gifford

Head on over to if you haven't already and vote!

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