Tuesday, March 22, 2016

How to Make Gold and Influence People by James "Tao" Murphy

So I run a casino, and a question I am often asked is: "How can other people make gold?" My usual answer is to go adventuring, kill things with pointy teeth and take their stuff. However, Edanoe has recently decided that my “Kill it, it’s got pointy teeth!” philosophy is not-so-good. As a matter of fact it’s bad, and I should feel bad. As part of me being turned into a troll, I have stated to realize that there might be better ways to earn gold. 

Here are a few:

Help people with gold do things, like unpack ca….wagons, haul boxes into feast halls, generally be available to pick things up and put them down.

If you are handy, and can make things, make them and sell them for gold. That’s right, have a shop that sells stuff. Here are some of the good and bad parts of that. You get gold, you are invited to feasts, you get special seating at feasts away from your friends and countrymen, you have to bring extra stuff to events, you eventually have enough gold to hire people to pick things up and put them down for you. Some other things to consider are that you take green stuff in some place called the "real world" and have to give some of it up for materials, etc. Welcome to the greater economy.

If you can cook stuff: cook stuff to sell at non-feasts (bringing food to a feast is not a good idea). You get to be popular, people like you, you are feeding them. However, you bring extra stuff to events, you take the risk of making stuff that no one might like, having things go to waste, having your friends give you puppy-dog eyes because they don’t have any gold but want your yum-yums. Things to think about: green stuff, real world, greater economy.

Quick note about “cook stuff:” a while back I was part of a successful “Smachies” shop. We literally brought a few loaves of bread, some basic sandwich stuff, and sold “Smachies” so the idea of cooking does not have to involve heat.

And of course, like the Blackwood Clontarf Casino; offer distractions, hopes, dreams, disappointments, and thrills. Things to think about: green stuff to buy equipment, bringing said equipment to and from events, casinos can have bad days, sitting behind a table for hours at a time, not eating at feasts, everyone thinking you have more gold then you do (well, this may or may not be true), asking friends to do the same, paying dealers even when the casino has a bad day, celebrating when someone wins a lot of gold.

If you provide a thing or provide a service, or something that someone else will pay for, you can get gold. If you have gold and you pay for stuff, you get stuff, then that person has gold to buy stuff.

Welcome to the greater economy.  

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