Tuesday, March 1, 2016

View Nominee Profile- Casey Lemay- Craftsperson

What type of crafts projects did you make this year?

Oh a little bit of everything as usual and as always I like to try some new things here and there. I got more into pouch making this year. I also started making more garb like things for my regular customers.  I even made my first cos-play costume, for myself for Boston comic con, and some jedi robes for opening night.

What are some things you keep in mind when crafting for Realms that you feel helps to make you successful?

Realms players tend to be a bit on the poor side.  So I keep that in mind when I do orders.  When people ask me for prices they have the options to upgrade the fabric and other things and we go from there.  I make whatever they are wearing comfortable so one can quest in it, or just look good at the feast.  I also do a lot of custom work with heraldry by helping with creating or even just cleaning up some nation/personal symbols.  Ask a lot of my regular customers and they will say I'm good at what I do :). They give me a gist of what they want and I take it from there most of the time.

What are some of the challenges you face regarding crafting for Realms?

I tend to overbook a lot and I end up frustrating myself.  So this year I have a plan on only taking five orders at a time and having no more than that on my plate.  Remember folks, it is just me here and as much as I love to craft I don't want to do it to the point where I hate it. It will take a lot for that to happen though.  Another challenge for me is public speaking, I'm not a shy person, not at all, but when it comes to speaking in front of a large crowd, it is hard for me.   Every year I do the Non-Com at QoH and I try and get better with the presentation aspect of it.  So in a way my crafting helps me over come a challenge I have had in life.

Tell us about a memorable project that you are particularly proud of?

I will never forget my first Queen of Heart heraldry non-com tournament, it was for Team Keela.  I was asked to do it by Kelsie, and because she was a good friend I couldn't say no to the challenge.  I told her to come up with a rough idea of what she wanted and we would work on the design from there.  She sent me this sketch of like every girlie thing in the book.  It looked like someone just ate lucky charms and spit on the paper (I love you Kelsie).  I made as much sense of it as I could and made the design work. So many people when they asked me for the design for other non-coms for the team asked me is she really using the design? And each time I said, "it's what the lady wants, so it's what she gets".  She was still young and I wanted her to be happy with the banner and tabards for her team.  I came up with a new design for tabards and customized every one to the true supporters.  Sure enough, she loved it and I even won my first Queen of Hearts non-com tournament with it!  I have been doing them every year since then and encourage any crafter to give it a shot.

If someone wanted to get involved in crafting in Realms what advice would you have for them?
Try everything! If your not a sewer, try making weapons. If that's a no go, try leather working or wood burning.  Don't know how to do it? Ask a fellow realms crafter or youtube it.  You have no idea how many things I taught myself to make from hours of youtube videos.  With more crafters there can be more pretty things in the realms....remember the Order of the Peacock is always judging ;)

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