Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Ask Soft

Dear Soft,

Mayerling presents itself as a well armed, well armored military unit that understands uniformity in dress and in action, yet you remain distinctly unique among them in look, attitude, and action. Please give some advice to those of us who want to be a vital contributing part of a nation, but still retain our individuality while belonging to the whole.

- Partov deCrowd

Dear Partov,

Please understand that our strength comes with our diversity of being. No epic quest or great accomplishment has ever been completed without many minds approaching the task from multiple ways. What will allow you to be who you feel you truly are while still contributing (I feel I should point out here that I am in now way vital to...anything actually.) to your nation is to fully understand what their goals are and how they can align with your own. Take the events of the most recent Ashen Bounty. While I’m loathe to get my hands dirty, except for that one time I was elbow deep in that dead guy’s chest, I had to throw myself into the thick of battle for my own goals and those of my fellow heroes.

Let’s not forget however the most important part, your attire. While I tend to favor gold, you can still see some remnants to my homeland in the rich reds and blacks I’m able to work into my ensembles. If you are looking to deviate from the classical garb of your nation, remember, less is more. Unless it’s armor in which case more is more. Regardless, finding functional accessories like a woven belts that compliment your color scheme, or even a nice hooded bolero can add a certain flair to your outfit that makes you stand out in the crowd and easier for your allies to find you. I mean, who doesn’t know where to find me when I’m wearing my white robe?

Illumier Soft-Nosetti

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