Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Social Question: Special Holiday Edition

The In-Character Question: 

What or Where is your best place to hide an Easter egg?


 [Editor's note: responses courtesy of Ryan Welch, Britny Fowler, and Ethan Goldman]

Jean-Baptiste: "In a kitchen."

Ivan: "Under my hat of course! NO ONE WILL EVER FIND IT. I will get to keep it. I am the smartest monster I know."

Zatarra: "I would open a portal to Mythrandor and throw it in."

Vawn: "Probably in a tree. Not ridiculously high up, but enough that you wouldn't necessarily think to look there." [Staff note: perhaps surrounded by twigs? #eaglevawn]

Tria: "Depends on what you mean by best. The most interesting place is just an open field in Faerie because I promise you that it won't be there the next time you look. Funniest place is usually in Tam Lin's hat, except when he eats it." 

Grey: "Don't look at me. I don't do that egg thing."

Tarun: "If I'm playing fair, in the laundry, where its bright colors will be masked by the dyes of the cloth. If I'm not, on a caravan headed out of town."

Hippy: "In a mushroom patch, of course."

Ezra: "As soon as I tell you my best hiding place, it's no longer my best hiding place. But of course, the purpose of hiding Easter eggs is to put them someplace where kids can actually find them, so... Underneath the King's throne seems like a fun hiding place."

Syruss: "I would hide the eggs in the blood of my enemies...just kidding. I hide them under barstools and find them as the night goes on."

Crispin: "Well, if it needs to be findable, I guess... Inside a hollow tree! But it depends who's looking."   

Charwindle: "What's Easter?" 
Kamilla: "Well... apparently there is this holiday where they hide painted eggs...." 
Char: (even more confused) "That makes no sense! Eggs belong either in a bird's nest or your stomach." Kamilla: "Yes, but if you were to do this where would you hide an egg?" 
Char: "I do not understand this world."

Tam Lin: "Easter omelettes."

Areni: "Under a bridge, or up in a tower in Rhiassa. Because we have a lot of those in Rhiassa, bridges and towers."

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