Wednesday, March 2, 2016

What You Missed - Void Where Prohibited (photos)

[Editor's note: captions by Britny Fowler and Ryan Welch]

Building a bridge into Faerie (Dustin Mack)

Agent 37 and her experiments (Britny Fowler)

 The Agent tinkers with her science machine (Dustin Mack)

 Emissary Starblade and his minions (Dustin Mack)

Attempting to negotiate (Dustin Mack)

Edwin solves a puzzle to damage the iron road (Dustin Mack)

The adventurers plan their next move (Britny Fowler)

Balthazar makes a stand for weapons everywhere (Dustin Mack)

The moment of iron is done, the moment of bark has come (Britny Fowler)

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