Thursday, March 17, 2016

What You Missed - Blue Rose Charity Casino Night (photos)

Perusing the auction items

A sampling of the items available

The poker tournament

Poker tourney jackpot

Enjoying table games

Sealed deck Magic Tournament

The man himself, with a snazzy new accessory

Kwartz chats up the room (photo by Casey Lemay)

How many people does it take to hang a pinata?

That sword (and part of the pinata) is toast

Unfolded Bob Buck and other rare currency, part of the cash auction

High and low stakes bingo prizes (photo by Casey Lemay)

Aeston calls bingo (photo by Casey Lemay)

Sampling the delicious spread

The Clontarf Casino is busy (photo by Casey Lemay)

The crowded hall (photo by Casey Lemay)

Therian tests his mettle in Deal or No Deal

Kevin expresses his heartfelt thanks

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