Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Why I Want To Go: Feast of Highbridge IV

This is the fourth year of the IC college of Highbridge pushing education, fun, and way too much food.  While there will be no fighting, there is still plenty to do.  Classes that touch on many topics can be attended.   Each class is taught IC, so expect fun engagement.
Learn about topics covering everything from Economics,  enjoying feasts, weapon construction, and becoming a better spell caster are just a few of the topics you'll come across.
Now, this is the FEAST of Highbridge, but (theres always a but) if you have not yet paid and pre-reged, you will not be attending the feast.  Those of us who were clever enough to sign up for the Feast are in for some incredible treats.  I don't know the menu, but I know there will be way too much glorious food.  Im very happy with that.

Come for the class, stay for the food.  And by stay, I mean on site.  Which is a hotel.  Pretty swank.

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  1. Sir Tao is now taking bets on if someone can eat every bite of every course. (please don't hurt your self) see me at the feast for details.