Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Why I Want to Go- Tournaments of Chaos

This weekend brings a long standing Northern tradition: the 9th Tournaments of Chaos.  The event promises to be full of traditional tournaments (counts towards Order of the List), a feast of food, and (most exciting in my book) a set of modular quests.  The quests are designed to go on while there are tourneys, and can take parties of 6-10 people at a time.  While it centers on Stonewood plot, the EH seems open to tailoring the quest to allow player to have the most fun possible.  This is in addition to a night quest each Friday night and Saturday night.
While the event is a bit of a drive (Creathorne farm in Grafton) this weekend will be beautiful for checking out the leaves, so why not take a trip up North and see what the 9th annual Tournaments of Chaos has in store for you.
But be kind and pre reg!

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