Friday, September 26, 2014

Fresh Faces- Joshua "Enlon" Whelan

Photo by Robyn Nielsen
How did you learn about Realms?

I actually stumbled upon it. Originally I had no clue what LARPing was. Then I saw it on a show and I instantly wanted to find a group. Sadly, I could not find one in my area. Then, one day, my sister was having her cheerleading practice. While that practice was going on the Suffield realms practice was going on at the same time. My parents, who knew I had been looking for a LARP group. told me about it and right away I tried heading over to see them. Sadly I was too late and I had to wait untill the next week.

How many event have you been to?
After Folkestone questing 2014 I have been to exactly 20 events.

Have you ever LARP’ed before?  If so tell us about it?
I have never LARPed before Realms.
What is your character like?  Where are they from? What is their race? What is important to them? 
My character’s name is Enlon he is a good and kind person. He has no origin home but he is currently lives in “Gau Dring”.  His race is just a typical human, nothing special. The most important thing to Enlon is the people he is with and the friends he has.

What do you remember most about your first event?
The first event I had ever been to was Black and White, and I’d have to say my most memorable part of it was the food and also the newbie quest. Another thing I remember was that I didn’t really know how the magic system worked, but I knew I wanted to learn it.  My first spell was “Immunity to poison” because I wanted to drink the poisoned drink at Black and White.

What things have helped to make you feel welcome in game?

Photo by Dustin Mack
Really I'd have to say what made me feel welcome into the game was the people that helped me out at the first practice I went to ever.

What parts of the game do you find most challenging?

The part of the game that I find most challenging would have to be trying to find my niche into the game. To determine what type of role I should play in the game.

Do you have any game related goals (as either a player or character)?

My goal is to have a good balance in the game, being able to hold my own as a fighter but also being able to be a backup caster, to be able to hold off the enemy forces, but also be able to help solve the bigger picture.

What advice would you give other new players?
Don’t be afraid to go and talk to people in this game. You can’t meet new people unless you say “hello”. Also don’t be afraid to ask questions.

What have you enjoyed most about the game so far?

What I love about this game so far is the overall team work, and also I love how even though we understand there is the possibility to get hit in the face or in the nose when someone gets cracked in uncomfortable spots people around them stop and make sure they are ok. 

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