Friday, September 26, 2014

The Nation of Gau Dring As told by Lakomasoi Nuntiak Top of Gau Dring

Photo by Jesse Gifford
The Lands of Gau Dring are mostly woodlands, with mountains on the Eastern Border and a river coming up from the south, on the northern border are plains used mostly for farming. Out on the Plains wheat fields are planted in the spring as well as rice and varying crops, one of the Major commodities will eventually be Ironwood Bananas once the trees grow to fruition. On the base of the Mountains fresh Grape crops will be planted and harvested to make Wines, and Kyara has plans to grow Tea trees around the Nation, until then she will have to make due walking to the Jade dragon tea house on the borders. Inside the mountains Im told there is potential for mining Jewels and Ores, both of which will come in handy once I move my forge from the Borderlands. 

In the Center of the Nation Ground has been broken on the Start of what will be the Main City of Gau Dring as well as the location for the Grand Cathedral of Harlequin. While Harlequin is the Main deity you are not required to worship. The nation’s policies are open to any Deity. Other gods that are worshipped within Gau Dring are Garm and The Fates.

The Lands pose a great number of advantages if things could go smoothly, however as the location I've chosen once was section of the Borderlands and still lies close to the borders we have our fair share of problems. Roving bands of chaos worshippers, Small temples set up that keep to themselves, the occasional Chaos portal opening up and spewing forth all manner of problems. Besides this however I feel there may be something we aren't seeing I get a feeling of something watching, whispering just out of reach in my mind. It will take time however i think we can reach an amicable agreement with the Natives here. 

This brings me onto the people of Gau Dring, many of the inhabitants that have chosen this as their home actually aren't from the area. After the War with Bedlam there were many who had joined in my Army under the banner of Harlequin who didn't have a home to return to, thankfully Vawn and Eagles Rook were able to put them up for the winter and I have now moved that Army here. The army has disbanded but many chose settle in Gau Dring. 

The Hierarchy of Gau Dring is simple. Most of it can be ruled into three parts. There are three Castes of people, Civilian, Recruit, and Military. (Names are subject to change once we find something suitable) Everyone who joins the Nation comes in as a Civilian, being a civilian gives you the protection of Gau Dring as long as you follow the Laws but you are not required to do any tasks. You may stay a Civilian as long as you want or you may choose to leave the Nation at any point without penalty. as a civilian you are not allowed to wear any of the Heraldry only the nations colors. To become a Recruit you first must have been a civilian for at least 6 months, this is the first step to becoming the next rank up and there is no set time Limit on how long you can stay at this position, during this time you must show a willingness to help the nation and to improve yourself, you must find someone in the next Rank to represent you. While you are a recruit a number of tasks will be asked of you and others will not, you will have to figure out what the goals are on your own. As a recruit you will be allowed to wear the Nations' Symbol on the left side of you attire The Final rank is Military which will be the standing guard and army of the nation, in this rank you can Achieve Various roles and Titles, you are also allowed to add a personal Symbol to your attire on the opposite side from the Nations Symbol. 

My idea behind much of the Nation is to take what I have seen over the years, what I feel has worked
and try to improve upon that in my own way.

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