Thursday, December 31, 2015

Resolutions for the New Year 1016

[Editor's note: these resolutions are wholly in-character. Responses were gathered in-person during Uncle Cecil's Crazy Tavern.]


For this coming new year, I resolve....

"To practice and improve upon this word called "tact" that Sir Vawn keeps yelling at me about."
- Iawen

" I would very much like to perfect my art of healing and to make a lot of long-lasting relationships."
- Gunny

"To snatch more bodies from greedy healers."
- Soft

"To shoot more bad guys than last year."
- Kyomi

"To be more involved in my new-found family."
- Kazul

"To learn new songs for the baby." 
- Tarnisha

"To adventure at least once a month except in the winter when it's cold."
- Rekees

"To improve my fighting skills and become fully armored."
- Artoia

"To make my knight proud."
- Phee

"To be more helpful."
- Ivan 

"More drinking and wenching. That should make for a good year."
- Magnus

"To learn to play this strange instrument better."
- Exzof 

"To become a better fighter and make the Order of the List Top Sixteen."
- Tarja

"To have my father's memory back and to make sure my family is merry."
- Kyram

"I don't have a resolution because I'm awesome. But I guess a good one is to drink more and to be more mean and curmudgeony to people who deserve it."
- Mestoph

"To get on the good side of Edonea."
- Tao

"To physically recover, to be a better fighter, and to teach new people anything I can about fighting."
- Daekara

"To visit the Western Flank more."
- Grindin 

"To be a champion of something - pastry or Ashemark, whichever works out." 
- Raynor

"To be seen in these Realms more."
- Goku

"To meet one new friend at every event I go to."
- Imari

"To die less."
- Saka 

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