Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Why I Want To Go: Order of the List Invitational

For those who have been slogging through tourney after tourney, here is where you shine.  This is what it all comes down to.  Head on out to support your favorites, and bring your gold, I hear Aeston is wonderful at helping reallocate your monies.
The top ranked 16 fighters will go head to head to see who will come out on top and earn their standing in the Order.

Here are the rankings, per the OotL website:

1.  Sagen
2.  Sygen
3.  Illy
4.  Guilliam
5.  Drike
6.  Vuel
7.  Kirk
8.  William
9.  Tao
10.  Loken
11.  Enlon
12.  Raynor
13.  Rillan
14.  Luke John
15.  Skarda
16.  Malaki

EDIT: Updated Stats!!

There is a change to the top 16 as one of our competitors had to drop out for health reasons. Kirk, in 7th will move sir Blade and Sir K into a tie at 16th.


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  1. but wait, there has been a change