Tuesday, December 22, 2015

What You Missed at: A Very Merry Yule at Crazy Uncle Cecil's Tavern 2

[Editor's note: all photos by View staff]


Shades attack a group of adventurers

Crispin assists with a well-timed back-stab

Adventurers head across the field

More bad guys, over there!

Drualus gives the adventurers instructions

Using colored barley to inscribe a design on the ground

The adventurers head into the dungeon

Fighting shades in the dungeon

Battling to get to the dryad

The dryad gives advice and supplies for the tree

Battling over a bridge to get to the tree

Sir Tao found the tree!

Decorating the tree and deciphering carol lyrics

Perusing the auction items

Veros mans the smoker for the evening's coming repast

As night falls and questing ends, the hall fills up

King Cecil leads the crowd in the First Toast

Yule Swap gifts piled under the tree

Some quality gift packaging

What does the fox say? Candied bacon and cookies decorate the Yule tree

The festively decorated tree

Kovaks becomes a Knight of the Sable Dragon

Kovaks receives her knightly belt

Pater Yule appears with his list of good boys and girls

The Chimeron Royal Casino in full swing

Everybody loves a good poker tournament!

Twenaria hands out Yule Swap gifts to eager participants

Very pleased with his Yule gift

Stay tuned for more photos in the next few days!!

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