Wednesday, December 2, 2015

What You Missed - Mightier than the Sword 2

I can only speak to what I saw and experienced. I am sure others can fill you in with the rest.

We were welcomed warmly to the hall by Master Harper Tuck and company. It was refreshing to see some sort of ceremony of welcome to the guests in the hall. So many people forget such a small formality.

The bardics ran throughout the day. Everyone was encouraged to participate. For me, I do not perform like a chimp, so I am was not inclined to do so. I did, however, enjoy the performing monkeys before me. Each gave their all and was rewarded generously.

At one point during the day we received word that there was an attack outside. Of course, those more enthusiastic than I barreled head on into danger and ran to their demise. Personally, I had discovered a lovely poetry book and was happy to stay buried in its prose. It was apparent though that my assistance would be necessary, so I brought the book out with me.
After assisting Sir Tao I was quickly filled in on the goings on. There was a ghost child who needed his things, a harp and a sword, to be able to rest (or something). We proceeded to be attacked by what was described as servants of something or another. They hummed a droll b-flat.

After retrieving the harp, we went back inside to more performances and conversation.
After some short stories and songs, some of the more heroic went out with the ghost child again to retrieve the sword. I did not go, though I was ready to should others require my assistance.
It was quickly apparent they succeeded, though I am not sure the outcome for the child.

It is a rare day when you can not only save someone in a fashion associated with heroes, but also win a prize for a story, song, or fancy dress.

-Elder Korinna of Thorne Valley

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