Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Wrapping up the Yule Swap

Each year at Uncle Cecil's Crazy Yuletide Tavern, the Realms comes together and sets aside boundaries to share in some joy.  One of activities to help people forget about borders is the Gift Swap.  A few people wrote in to the View with what special gifts they received, or bestowed, on behalf of the Gift Swap.

"I got a hand stitched dragon, which will help with rituals, because every part of a dragon is magical. Plus it's technically a cannibal, too."

"I got a lovely mirror and a bag of delicious luxurious chocolates, but the best part was the absolutely touching letter I got from the person who gave it to me! And the way their cheeks flushed when they saw how delighted I was to have gotten it.  It was a delightful experience."

"I put booze and bacon on my wishlist, and Raynor delivered.  Bacon wrapped beer and booze (whiskey specifically) was an outstanding gift.
Obligatory biased picture, taken by Megan M.
As for Swoop, it gave me a perfect way to adopt him into the Blackhearts, one of his gifts was his new belt favor.  Plus I got him a potato and some drinking gear."

"Grindin learned how to crochet and made me a hat from scratch to match my arm warmers.  No longer do I have to wear my baby's hat.  He also made me a good walking stick/implement staff, in my colors, plus three charms that mean a lot to me: a key, a turtle, and a Celtic Trinity.  I was so wicked pleased/super honored; I love homemade things, and I love it when someone went out of his way to bless me with that.  Every time I use or wear the gifts, I get a smile to go with the memory."

"This year I drew Sir Eldritch in the swap.  Knowing him to be a lover of whiskey, I put together a decanter and set of whiskey glasses engraved with his name (you know, so he didn't get confused and start drinking someone else's whiskey...).  I commissioned a beautiful box from Jinx to store the set.  Though my memory of the evening is a little fuzzy, Eldritch seemed to enjoy his gift!

Soft of Mayerling had me, and gifted me a lovely triple creme brie that came in a  festive gift box.  I promptly devoured it upon returning home.  Additionally, in an attempt to push me outside my comfort zone wardrobe-wise, he gave me a rather frilly pair of undergarments.  I doubt they will be much protection in a fight, but they certainly look comfortable."

Ye Olde Swaaaaap (pic by Jesse G)

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  1. I received a unicorn hippity hop from Aeston and it was amazing. -Ka-Mai