Friday, December 11, 2015

Ten Questions with Marc "Ryu" or "Varik" Marcel Tetreault

How long have you been playing?

My first event was Feast of Leviathan 9. I was in High school and it was highly recommended by Andrew Adams that I go to an event, seeing how I was thoroughly enjoying fight practices he was holding. Since then, it has been off and on. I tried hitting 2-3 events every year starting in 2010, more recently playing much more often.

How has the game changed since you've been playing?

I remember when spells were at a 2 cost buy down and your restriction limited you to how fast you would learn your spells. PVC was the material for weapons and people were starting to try new materials. Since then, spell paths have been re-worked, we have new spells and new materials are being used.

Who have you learned the most from?

This is a tough one for me... and that is because I have many people that fit this spot. Most of my combat foundation was taught to me by Andrew Adams. My love for combat came from practices he held at my high school. The game itself, I would have to say came from the people I ended up playing with. When The Viridian Vanguard was a thing, we were a group of Mercenaries who quested together, that QUICKLY died out as we all moved on. We still traveled to events together, hung out and helped each other, but we were no longer a group. Lastly, I would have to say the Nosetti as a whole... I remember the one event I went to, having not played in 2 years, and that was Highway to Hades 2. There I met Airivarri, Thanius, Bohis and Phee. They invited me to join their In-Character family and we hung out at events. We slowly grew in size, playing the game, drinking and hanging out together... We kind of became a OOC family. I embrace everyone of them I see when I go to events still...

What was your best moment IC?

I have two because I can't just choose one. First was the Archery Tourney at Tournaments of Creathorne 2012 I think? In the picture here, my opponent had just fired off an arrow as he was fumbling with his bow, I chased him down and hit him in the chest. It was awesome because I felt the thrill of chasing him down ha ha. The second is when Airivarri asked me on a night quest for my 3' silver wakazashi. My character was very attached to his weapons as they were "family heirlooms" and the only thing left to remind him of home. I gave up my sword and not even moments later Airvarri jumped into a Bedlam gate. It forced me to make a very hard role playing decision, having no idea what was going to become of the sword.

What was your best moment as a NPC/EH/Player?

I would have to say I helped someone with a safety concern an event. We were on the night quest during a castle siege when the gate finally busted down and A TON of players started back peddling. One of my friends got tripped and fell down. I was soo scared they were going to get trampled I got on my hands and knees and made a physical barrier over them. Four different people stepped on my head and someone fell on top of me from being pushed over. She thanked me, a bunch of people apologized and we carried on.

What would you like to see changed or developed more in game?

Spell variety... I know it is hard to come up with new spells that are viable and it is hard to have spells that are not just silly/useless... I guess I just wish we could come up with a way to add more flare that would be easy to Marshall.

What advice would you give new players?

Even if you are nervous, get in the game and become involved. You may not be a great fighter, caster or whatever role you may be wanting to play, but you are in a community that is full of people willing to help you learn and grow. I have heard several times, 'well I am not that useful and no one cares about me' and honestly that isn't true. If you get involved, talk to people and put yourself out there doing the best you can, people will recognize it and go out of their way to interact with you.

What do you love most about the game?

I love the people. Yea, you are going to have some people that you don't care for, people you find weird or awkward, but you will also find people that are really awesome or you click with and that is what makes are game the best. I cannot express how much I enjoy running around in the woods with my friends hitting each other with foam and pretending to be whatever we have created for ourselves. I love seeing what people dress up as or create for their character concepts. I love the creativity that goes into the game in general: from event themes, to quests, to role-playing, the people that make up this community keep me coming back for more.

Who would you like to see the next interviews be with? Please list three people.

Alexander Sokolowski, Joseph Sylvain, Sean Gustavis

Anything else you'd like to take the opportunity to put into print?

The two characters I play are Kazuki Nosetti "Ryu", and "Varik" Nilrem Nordskov. Most people most likely know me from Ryu as I have played him the longest but I now prominently play Varik.

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