Thursday, December 3, 2015

What You Missed - Dream Weaver I by Britny "Tarja" Fowler

A tale of the dreaming, as told by Tarja Brekke....
Recently I found myself traveling with a small group of companions; my clan patriarch Tuilli who is unfortunately still not in true possession of his memories, Illumier Soft from Mayerling with his interesting magics, and might I say, slightly pompous attitude, Nhadala with her healer's touch, and one who appeared human in most aspects but for his cat like ears, clawed pawlike hands, and slitted cats eyes who goes by the name Neko, when the strangest thing happened. One night when we went to sleep, I found in a strange dream like world with these same people. 

As we traveled through this world, you could certainly tell right away that it was not going to be a pleasant dream. The dream sky was overcast and dreary, with rain that while only in a dream, certainly felt so real. In my dream we found ourselves armed and armored for combat and I kept constantly facing down my worst mareritt… how you say… bad dream… night terror… in combat. Small hordes of foul unformed creatures of darkness would appear to fight us, behind them I saw it, the black death that destroyed much of my world before I came here. Dying in the dream did not wake me up, nor did this dream black death appear to be nothing other than a memory, and my own mareritt. I recall only that I died this dream death many times, and eventually awoke from it at some point later in this dream day and we would continue to travel through this land.

As I traveled through these dream woods, my friends with me, we encountered small locked chests scattered throughout the trees, filled with beads. Taking a bead from each we managed to open we put them with a dream web that was found in the possession of my dream's Illumier Soft. It appeared that there must have been others in this land, for some of he chests had been opened before we got there and had what was in removed.

At various times certain dream keepers appeared to us with challenges we were meant to face.  As I find to be often true with my dreams, these tasks made no sense, but we would complete them; things like flipping over a piece of canvas while standing on it, and getting rid of a barrel of harmful refuse without coming to close. These tasks would come and then vanish as soon as they were complete, leaving me to continue to wander through this dream land with my dream companions. Together we traveled, balancing across logs on rivers, and slipping through the woods, continuing to fight off the dark dreams and collect beads.

As it began to come to night in the dream, it became dawn in the real world, where I awoke to relate my tale to my friends of this strange dream. Only to discover that we each had a dream where we were in the same dream land, facing off their own mareritt. Tuilli spoke of his, of seeing Sir Sean dancing around a fire in dancing girl clothing. Soft spoke of Tuilli just eternally walking around passing foul smelling gas. It appeared that the only differences in what we remembered where in what form the mareritt appeared, otherwise our memories were exactly the same.

We then looked into Soft's box that he always carries with him, only to discover that he still had the dream web and the beads. We went and found others who spoke of a similar experience with small groups of their friends as well. Never more than five to a group. Some spoke of seeing foul deformed versions of those they knew, except speaking only in howls and attacking them, others of strange creatures which attacked, some even of death itself coming for them with foul demons of Hel.

I do not know what these dreams and portents mean for the future, I shall have to seek a wise one of the gods to find out.

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