Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Ask Syruss

Sir Syruss,

As a member of Order of the List you have proven to be (at least at one time) the best of the best. With that said I was wondering is it better to have a round shield that you can hold away from your body or a larger body shield when you are fighting a sword and board tournament.

-Unsure about my shield in the Unclaimed Lands

Photo by Casey Lemay

At one time? At One TIME?!?!?! While I am still the best darn *back and knees crack simultaneously* * cough cough * Where was I?!?!? Something, something get off my lawn?

O yeah  you were in the middle of  flatter insulting me which is nice.
I will be more than happy to answer this question, Mr or Ms Unsure, although you do realize this isn’t about love don’t you? You’re not trying to get one of the “Shields” to take you to Black and White ball are you?

Regardless of your dance partner, here is how I look at it. When you mention a larger shield that covers your body; are you still referring to a center grip punch shield or strap shields?

I ask because if you are asking what I prefer in a sword and shield competition, implying one on one I prefer the center grip shields with the most coverage area. So a large punch shield if you will.

I am not very proficient with strap shields, it’s not my wheelhouse I like the movement versatility you get from a punch shield rather than the limited range of motion of a strap shield.

Now that’s not to say one can’t do really well with strap shield, in fact Sir Guilliam, Sir PJ and RIP Dark Rohde are (Rohde was) some of the best strap shield combatants I have ever seen. They used the shield and that particular range of motion to develop a style that utilizes those particular body movements and frankly they do it well.

I guess you have to ask yourself, what are you comfortable wielding?

Are you coming from a big Marn background because that helps with transition in regards to punch block with a shield.

Perhaps this is your first time using this style. I recommend adventuring with the two different types see how you fair against goblins and trolls. Also hit up a local practice there you can test your new found abilities against more competent opponents rather than just beating up on the kobold’s.  Also it is a less pressure situation at a practice then lets say in a one on one Order of the List Tournament or saving a Village from a Mad Warlord bent on global domination.

Either way practice practice practice and then let you body decide it knows how you move better than anyone.

Its like Sir Nymbous O’Leary always says “If the Shield fits use it to block, please, these undead servants are uprising”

Hope this helps sorry if it doesn’t.

Sir Syruss O’Leary
Order of the list best fighter the Realms 2012
Knight of the Blue Rose
Pretty good Advice Guy
Everybody’s Pal

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