Wednesday, February 24, 2016

What You Missed - Feast of Creathorne 2016 (photos)

A full hall (View Staff)

Full crowd at the craps table (photo by Jesse Gifford)
Hard at work in the kitchen (photo by Jesse Gifford)

Appetizer course: stuffed breads, stuffed mushrooms (photo by Dustin Mack)

Buffalo Chicken Dip! (View Staff)

Waiting the be called for tournies (photo by Jesse Gifford)

Eldritch v. Saegan (View Staff)

Partaking in some games (View Staff)

The Adventurers Guild table (View Staff)

Adventurers Guild quest -Squabblers of Catan (photo by Dustin Mack)

Creathorne High Table (View Staff)

Stews are being served (View Staff)

Some items available via auction (View Staff)

Vandoria's Vestaments sets up shop (View Staff)

Finely crafted weapons for sale (View Staff)

Another view of the hall (View Staff)

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