Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Staff Announcement 2016

The View from Valehaven would like to take this opportunity to make the following staff announcements:

Diana "Kiira" LaPierre will be joining our team as part of the editing staff.

In addition, the following people will be joining us as part of our "Core Contributer" staff, helping to produce and procure regular content: Britny "Tarja" Fowler, Ryan "Orion" Welch, Ethan "Jean Baptiste" Goldman and Renee "Mouse" Booke.

Ryan Welch
Britny Fowler

Renee Booke
Ethan Goldman

We would also like to note that Callahan "Syruss" Marsden will continue to write his popular "Ask Syruss" column and also contribute content as needed.

We are pleased to bring this group of individuals on board and look forward to showcasing their vision and ideas, producing new content for your reading pleasure, and taking the View in new directions over the coming months. It looks to be an exciting year at the View, stay tuned!


Jen ~ Kelly ~ Alex

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