Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Why I Want to Go: Void Where Prohibited

Saturday brings the return of the rare questing event.  In a season filled with Feasts and Tournaments, a true, outdoor, encounter whatever-the-elements-have-in-store-for-us quest is a fantastic treat.
Knowing the crew that is throwing this event, we can expect nothing will be spoon fed to us.  We can expect consequences to poor decision making.  Immersion and roleplaying (the RP in LARP) will be de rigueur.  We can also expect to have a great time!  Fighting and puzzles will be around to help combat the scar spanning Fae.
Will you stop the construction of the Iron Road?
If fighting evil isn't enough to keep you warm, staff will have hot cocoa and hot tea in addition to normal questing snacks.  Please dress warm, though!

Don't forget that Ru Thar Cin is playing with a wonderful mechanic called Story Shards.  Read up more on that at the RTC plot website.

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  1. Yes, Tao Tea and Noodle Emporium will be present, I will be debuting this bitter new drink where you take beans, (yes beans) burn them until the are black, grind them up, and then force hot water (not tea), through them; bleeh. So bring your gold (or if you have none we can work something out), and you appetite for drinks that can be made with boiling water.