Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Winter Zodiac from Sir Iawen Penn

A long time ago, the races of the Realms have looked into the stars and wondered, "What if?", never realizing that in some places, in some planes, those very stars were looking right back at us, wondering the same thing.  There's a lot the stars can tell us, if only we show a humble want for knowledge.

In recent years, a man visited the Realms who was not a man at all, but a fallen star who took on a human persona as Hesperus Star-keeper. As it is, a Star Person named Orion still walks with us from time to time. Both have names, both have houses, both have a purpose and a drive.

And, if you're willing to listen to the what the stars have to say, you might just find yours, too.

These are thoughts on how your Winter, heading into Spring, might be turning out.

House of:

Aries: More is less, and nothing appeases you in this cold. Winter has finally made itself known to you, and you don't like it. Nothing more to do than ride it out, but you'll be fiery, fierce, and snarling at anyone or anything that even suggests going outside for something as silly as 'a quest'.  Screw those villagers, let them save themselves from that damn orc.  Grr. Argh. Go be a grump by the fireside; the rest of the Houses have this, say the stars.

Taurus: "Everybody have fun tonight!" That's the theme for your House and all who enter in (though many will come and go). Winter is no big deal for you this year, as you use your Regionals or other Various Skills to clippity-clop on through to Spring. When Spring hits, however, the political and social situations you find yourself in will become unseasonably warm.  Don't consider shaving it all off yet; that blade is dull, anyway. You need to find a Blacksmith to sharpen it up again. No, don't do it yourself this time; remember the results of your last attempt? Suck it up and put the money down. If anything, your wits will be razor-sharp by the time it is done.

Virgo: You ran yourself into the ground. The stars aren't being literal (although that was an epic digger you took at the beginning of the Winter season); regardless, way to make yourself sick. Didn't see it coming? Or refuse to see it? It makes sense, though: you poured your Mind, Body, and (dare I say it) Soul into that passion, and after the results showed to be positive, your Mind became scrambled, your Body was sore and achy, and deep in your Soul you wrestled with whether or not you should see a Healer.  With Spring on the way, you're going to still have the lingering effects of this Disease for a bit, and this is bad for attempting to show people what you are made of. Do Healers bother you? Then seek out an Alchemist for some oranges (non-clove variety) and other foods and tinctures that could help out for a while.  All plants need the earth, water, air, and light to grow, so go get some for yourself.

Gemini: Tired of looking in the mirror? There's a Ritual for that! And a couple of Spells, too! Ever thought about nursing your inner mercenary and finally going Assassin? Or skipping out on the temples and noise to follow the path of Shaman? It might be cold outside, but oddly, this is the perfect time for you to practice these skills (that you are seriously lacking): Stealth. Self-Awareness. Listening (not Hearing). Balance. Stamina. Observation. Processing. Slowing Down from a Full Sprint.  Not losing your mind or your lunch every time an over-ripe adventurer crosses your path. You know: stuff like that.

Cancer: "Everything's coming up roses!" The House of Cancer not only cleared house, as it were, in time for Winter, it gained enough momentum to carry it into Spring. So many new weapons, garb, people, and even money has been making its way through your hands, and you are proud (not too prideful) of everything you have actually had a hand in. Even if no one thanks you at the end for being the Second String Line, the Plan B, the One who Fights On when Everyone Else is being Raised, you know that just by being here, you've kept the Realms safe again, and right now that's good enough for you.

Aquarius: "Your mother is a classy Lady. At least, she was. Or would have been, if she wasn't dead? Uh..." Way to put your boot in your helm, Aquarius. Don't despair at the bar, everyone in your House is having word trouble at the moment. May I suggest the path of Shane to at least use for a bit so you may have a reasonable excuse? No? Well, the stars don't know what else to do for you this Winter. Your Spring is looking mighty muddy and soggy, too, gross, even, so the best advice is to tend to your amphora and go see a Seer. See if you can acquire a ward, a charm, or talisman concerning your House, and get a Channeler you trust to Imbue it with enough magic to keep you from becoming stuck in the muck.

Pisces: Somehow, you need to get a message out. Try to get some more sleep, you're going to have busier days ahead as the Light increases slowly all around you. Numbers are for counting, letters are for writing, and there isn't enough time in the day to get done all that you wish, so in typical fishy fashion you should go with the flow. Nothing has more importance over anything else, you just have 'more' to accomplish. Let your glittery scales shine, and good luck.

Leo: Your health isn't the best, Lion Bold. All during the winter and heading into spring, your Mind, Body, and Soul might take a beating that it hasn't experienced in a long time. Usually one should let sleeping lions lie, but in this case it is to your benefit that as soon as you notice an issue, to head straight to your nearest Healer and cure what ails you.You and your House might have a tendency to also overspend: whether that be in money, time, labor, or anything having a measure of worth. This will land you into being slightly more irritable than usual by the time Spring has sprung.

Libra: "He threw a cart at my head!" All other problems and quests will seem of no minor consequence compared to yours. The fact that you can get an Adventuring party together quicker than most these months is important, but by no means are you a reliable leader throughout the Winter. Oh, you'll try to be, but a good second-in-command knows not to over-step the line while the True Leaders are still on the field(especially when your orders might cost everyone the mission at hand). That said: the stars predict that if you think you can quest solo, you should once the Spring comes. Keep calm and carry on in that way that you do(and always, ALWAYS keep a Dagger or a Ghost Blade on you, at least until Feast of Chimeron).

Scorpio: The ability to speak does not grant one intelligence. ...but you wouldn't know that around here, it seems. While you are spending this Winter mastering the natural emotional range, too many around you are forcing smiles, tears, even sarcasm that falls flat.  Show them how it's really done: Anger. Sadness. Joy. Fear. Disgust. From the Inside Out, there is more to this Adventure when one journeys with you, and although you are definitely at home working solo, now is a good time to attempt to reach out and pair off. Spirit and Steel need to find each other, and you won't ever do that if you don't make yourself slightly more available than you usually do.

Sagittarius: It's not nice to get the wool pulled over one's eyes when aiming. So stop doing it to other people, including yourself.  You've been building Arrows and Shooting at Target Practice for too long to just sell yourself short. Again? Possibly. But it doesn't mean you should give up on your Fighter buddies (yet). While you're busy Shooting (and wrestling with other rams and sheep), a Trusted Fighter is what will keep your head above water, and it's not like you truly know how to swim (yet).

Capricorn: If you sing a song a day, you can make a better way. That's right. Even if you can't carry a tune, make a joyful noise. Too shy? Sing in your head. This ability isn't just for people who Bard constantly, oh no. Doing a tune over and over is rote learning/memorization, and there is much information that is going to be coming your way as soon as Winter ends that you'll have to have your Mind primed for. Singing, poetry, anything with words that you can do over and over, will help. Maybe it is time to re-write that spell-book, or, if you're a Fighter, brush up on your Highbridge classes and battle tactics.  Even the Art of War in peace time is an admirable study.

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