Thursday, February 4, 2016

House Nosetti


By Amanda "Phee" Sieracki

It’s a name many people hear, recognize, and sort of seem to file away. No one really fully processes how many of us there are, including ourselves, until we start to group up at events.

So what is our deal?

We welcome new adventurers. We help those who can’t help themselves. We never leave anyone behind, no matter what. We spread information. We’re a family. But that’s only a really quick explanation.

House Nosetti, the House of the Silver Tongue, is a noble household back in Sheshawnii. Airavarri, my cousin, is the lord, as the Realms would understand it. But that’s back in Sheshawnii, where it doesn’t matter to the Realms.

Nosetti, as a family, is what we’re seen as. You can tell us by the tattoos on our faces: lines over our noses and down our chins. There are intricacies within the tattoos as well, but those are a lesson in and of itself.

We were founded as a proper family years ago, during a Tournaments of Creathorne, having split from the Tinkers. There was already Airavarri, and myself (having a parent from that House), and one of Airavarri’s wifes, Najishi. During that time he had set up a structure for us to be able to talk to each other, and a guideline for us to grow by. We were to carry on what the household meant back home: to be diplomats, to be the voices between nations, guilds, orders, and knighthoods. We were to be the voice that could go “Family first. Let’s talk about these problems, and see if we can’t bring solutions back to our higher ups.”

A few years back, I can remember a Creathorne clearly, where we all took possibly the most awful spot for camping, at the bottom of that sharp hill, full of tents and laughter and terrible jokes at each other’s expense, where we welcomed people to our fire constantly.

When, a few years later, Airavarri became a Fae Rune to help us, he left behind a will, asking that we no longer induct people. They could still become Nosetti, by marriage or birth, but no longer could they just ask to join. As such, we’ve honored that wish.

So what does that mean now?

It means that though we were asked to disband, we are still a family. We’ll have our own adventures, our own lives, but when it’s time to quest or feast, you’ll find us gathered together at some point, doing what we do best. We joke, laugh, tell stories, play games. We tease each other, we get angry. If anyone comes after one of us, we back each other up. After all, we’re a family. We still live by our ideals and codes. We still talk to people, welcome them in, help newer adventurers.

By my count, there’s about 20 of us.

Airavarri, myself, Salem of Creathorne, Bohis (though I hear his name is now Bahis? Oh, Airavarri…), Iste, Rayne. Somewhere, there is Odox, Ryu, Yume, Najishi. There is Sarix and Axel, Airavarri’s sons. There is Thanius, though he never took the tattoos. Rubis, Iawen, Kerra, Therrin, Celeste, Imari...and more. There are names that escape me, these days. I heard there was even recently a marriage! Borderlands style, as is what seems to always happen with us.

It’s been nearly a decade since I first stumbled into these Realms. I look back to my first year, and wonder how I ever felt so alone. All along, there’s always been family looking out for me. It’s just...grown.

Felnar Dulintel Dawncry-Nosetti

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