Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Why I Want to Go: Feast of Creathorne

This article could quickly be summed up in four beautiful words:  mini bear meat pies.

Like many of us, I love adventurous eating.  Game meats can be hard to come across in day to day situations.  And while the idea of a huge chunk of roast meat is appealing, the idea of mini bear pies is incredibly intriguing.  The whole concept is a juxtaposition of ideas.  A HUGE TOUGH BEAR in an itty bitty pie.  Love it.

Also to be noted are the other courses (all are listed on the Facebook page).  A few others that caught my eye were the stews, especially moose, and possibly venison.  A well done venison dish is just stellar.  The other two courses I am excited about were deserts.  Not just multiple desserts, but 2 WHOLE COURSES of desserts.  Brilliant!

Aside from food, there will be Order of the List points to gather, a casino to play in, and a Golden Ticket raffle.  With so much to do, and eat, why wouldn't you go to the event?

Not the mini bear pies I was thinking of

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