Friday, September 16, 2016

My Favorite Green and Gold Memory, Part I

[Editor's Note: in celebration of the last running of Green & Gold, an event with a long and venerable history in the game, we asked players to share their favorite memories or stories with us through the many years of this storied event. Most of these were collected in person on the Saturday of the event, the rest through electronic means. Please come back for Part II at 11am today. -JR]

"This is a Zula and Baba story. We were on opposite teams - Zula was green, I was gold. We're in a line battle, and it eventually came to the two of us back-to-back. We look at each other, nod, kill like twenty people around us, realize we're the last two people alive, and then turn and kill each other.  We literally just killed anything that came near us. And then we stopped, thought about it, and turned and killed each other. "
 - Jason Gray/ Malaki

"I was on the green team. We're doing one of the castle battles. We were trying to push in, and Sir Gulliam is facing off against one of our fighters. I don't remember what that guy was fighting with, but Sir Guilliam had a 6'6 and he's like: "You don't want to come in on this, you don't want to come in on this." So I throw my lightening bolt at Guilliam, and I don't kill him, but I do get his arm. So Guilliam takes the arm, and thinks about it for a second, and goes: "Ok, now you want to come in on me!" So that was pretty funny." 
- Gerald Chartier/ Gray

"This is actually one of my most embarrassing Realms stories. So I was on the Green team, and this was back when I was a one-path healer. We were doing some type of battle, I forget what it was, but the green team was on the verge of winning- most of the gold team was down, but we weren't quite there yet. I was trying to be helpful by raising people. There was a group of dead fighters near me, which included a big guy in a Grimloch tabard. His back was to me, but from his build I could tell it was Syruss. So I reached over and did a combat raise. He stood up and turned around, and come to find out it wasn't actually Syruss but Blade, who was of course on the Gold team. So he kills me in about 0.2 seconds and then proceeds to pretty much single-handedly wreck most of the green team members that happened to be in the area. So we ended up losing that fight and I felt awful. I don't think anyone ever knew, but it was pretty embarrassing for me." 
- Jen Rosa/ Areni

"This was back when Kathy and I were running the event, I forget what year it was. Kwartz needed to learn a spell, so Kathy decided: "Ok, if you're going to learn the spell, what you need to do is drink this thing I'm going to give you." So she went into the kitchen and mixed up this horrible concoction. It was like mustard and Worcestershire sauce and stuff like that. Q looks at it and goes, "Really?" And she says, "Really." So he drinks it and he ends up in the bushes, puking. And Radstar comes over wanting to know what's going on. He sees Kwartz puking, and Radstar is a sympathy puker so he ends up in the bushes puking with Kwartz. And this is why Kathy is not allowed to magic marshal ever again." 
- Jay Micciche / Veros

"For the insult competition, something I came up with when I was on the green team:
As the team of gold, they enter the hold,
They raise their sword and their cup.
They don't do these things to be brave or be bold,
It's the only thing they can get up."
- Jesse Gifford/ Mestoph 


"Favorite Green and Gold memory was serving on the Green team. It was a rainy, crappy Sunday and spirits started low. But Kathy and Cheech had put together one of those crazy bridges that had a zig-zag in it, and there was a situation were you couldn't quite reach the other side. But instead we had a bunch of people grabbing my belt to let me lean as far out as I could. Tallon was one of the guys behind me, and I remember this because we were laughing about it later. Eventually when I died, it was due to the rain. He was sliding on the wet grass, and the guy who was holding him couldn't quite hold on. His feet went out, so he let go of me, and I went right into the "water." I was fully extended, and he was over-balanced holding my belt.  It was one of those funny "How crazy can the Green team be?" moments." 
- Dave Martin/ Oliver

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