Friday, September 16, 2016

My Favorite Green and Gold Memory, Part II

"So we were on one of those three-hour battles, had to have been a bridge, and everyone was dying because it was like 90 degrees out. So finally it ended, and everyone was dragging themselves off the field to go get freezy pops and drinks and stuff like that, and I said to Rel: "Dude, absolutely, under no circumstances, do not call a secret ninja chaos battle right now." Well, Rel decides that "under no circumstances" actually means "absolutely, certainly, I should call a secret ninja battle right now." And so he calls one, and everyone is kinda like "Seriously?" but they fight it out. Afterwards, we took Aaron's air horn away, and gave him just the button. We took the can and put duct tape on it and wrote "Not for Rel" on it. So that's why Rel is not allowed to have an air horn every again." 
- Jason Micciche/ Veros 

"It was back when Veros and Makhta were still throwing it. I was up early, probably 8 or 9:00, sparring with someone in front of the tavern when Veros comes out and says, "Messy, you seem like you have a lot of energy this morning." And I'm like, "Oh yeah, you know, just waiting for things to start." And he's like: "Ok, you have a 10-minute head start." I said "What?" and he said, "Now you have a 9-minute head start." So I just take off running, and I guess that was the start of the "Kill Mestoph" tournament, which had previously been the "Kill Qwartz" tournament. So I ran all the way to the back edge of the site, all the way to an old stone wall that separates this property from the next. As far that way as you've ever gone, and then some more. 

I hid under a log for probably close to an hour before a group of Baronials happened upon me. This was a time when Brighthammer was still in Bancroft . It was Brighthammer and two other people and they were like: "Ok Messy, just come with us, we'll make this easy for you." And I said, "Well, I'm not going to make this easy on you" and threw my lightning bolt at Brighthammer. Now I didn't just throw my lightening bolt at Brighthammer, I threw it with a flip so that when he lifted his shield to block it, the tip hit the top of his shield, flipped over it, and hit him in the back. I magic-missiled down the second guy, rounded off of a tree and  killed the third guy with my dagger (this was back when I was a three-path). 

Unfortunately, the next group of people I ran into was a group of Folkestoners in addition to some guy named Ray who just showed up that day (he was having a problem with his Lord of the Rings ring so Radstar wasn't there, he was just playing a fighter alt named Ray). So yeah, that was my favorite Green and Gold memory, when I managed to take out like five people before they took me down. I felt a little bad-ass. It was also the most running I've done at almost any event ever. "  
 - Jesse Gifford/ Mestoph

"So my favorite Green and Gold story was, I believe, the first year we had Deathwish back in the system after a long period of time, and a lot of people had Deathwish. So pretty much whenever there was a chaos ninja battle during Green and Gold everyone would activate their  Deathwishes. And a lot of people would just yell things to make it seem like there was a deathwish, so innocent people were murdered. Sometimes a deathwish was something like: "One person's name, activate!" and it was for another person, so the person whose name got called was mowed down, while the other person ran free and mutilated their teammates. I think over the years, chaos ninja battles have always been my favorite, and I think that year was the highlight."
 - Tucker Noyes/ Temorse

"When I think of Green and Gold two stories jump out more than most.

The first happened about 9 or 10 years ago.  Back then when I was in Grimloch, me and my comrade Dell got up very very early, like at the crack of dawn. We made our way down to the tavern to see if there were any snacks and to our surprise, the gods had left a small magical device that summoned loud bursts of noise compelling people to attack each other. Well, we knew what to do with this - take it back to camp and wake up the rest of Grimloch. While we made a ruckus at our camp, the noise traveled to other camps as well, making people think the battles had started. This upset the local gods and they decided that the first tourney was to be "Catch the Syruss."

Not knowing this, Dell and I continued to look for snacks when we stumbled upon members of the Green team, my fellow compatriots and they started to attack. Not knowing what was going on, I defended myself (justly) and proceeded to slaughter the poor group of new adventurers. As I was finishing off one of the runners one of my teammates must have told my good buddy Dell what they were doing because before I knew what was happening, Dell hit me three times flush on the noggin. He then proceeded to turn me in for points for the Gold team. The lesson here is: "Never play with things you aren't supposed to, the gods don't like it." Well, that and "Never trust a gold team member."

My second favorite memory happened more recently when my Brother and Lord Sir Nymous O'Leary presented me with my Green N tabard,welcoming me to my new home Neden.  Little did I know at the time that one of my most recent memories would also be the last.

This event has had so many memorable moments for me and I could not possibly list them all, thank you so much to the staff that gave me so many great night quests, a chance to general, the experience of marshaling my first large war event, my first Night Quest I got to throw with the Blue Rose and the event that I joined my
best friends group. Thank you so much, guys."
- Cal Marsden/ Syruss

"I have many fond memories of Green and Gold, but they do not translate well to stories. They are all moments of personal triumph, growth, or other odd things that have happened over the years, that without Green and Gold I never would have encountered. I never would have killed Jarrod with a well-timed Magic Missile in a bridge battle, shifting the battle. I never would have been hidden in the boat house at a flag waiting for someone else to find it in order to defend the point. I remember trivia, and night quests and EXTREME BANDITOS when we were promised no bandits. I remember overwhelming odds and chaos. I remember the first time I was on Gold, and this year being astonished I was somehow on the "ice age". All of these are memories that are not great stories...but together make me fondly remember Green and Gold."

- Chris Donnelly/ Janus  

This was maybe the last year before I started running the event. It was during a bridge battle, the teams were lined up at either end.  We were fighting the other team. Owen and I had pikes and we  strode forward on the bridge,  almost like daring the other team to run us down and hurling a few insults while we went. Unfortunately, they didn't. The battle went back and forth for a while, but eventually we (Gold team) won."
- Sean Veale/ Wil

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