Wednesday, September 14, 2016

What You Missed - Storytellers XI by James "Tao" and Emily "Kara" Murphy

[Editor's Note: Event was run as three separate short "stories" with PCs asked to play for two and NPC for one. The three Storytellers:  Ryan "Orion" Welch, Gau Dring, and Rua Thae Cinn.]

I was looking for new markets to offer my services and ended up in Chimeron where I came across a gathering of heroes. While I was figuring out if I could open a franchise of Tao’s Tea and Lucky Noodle Emporium, a band of heroes were called upon to go through a gate. Never one to not try to find new markets for casinos and such, I followed a bit late. We stumbled into a field and found a farmer that was aware of some local problems. With the farmer was also a fighter of some kind with a very funny accent.

I am not sure why but we headed downhill where we encountered some dark-star-faced creatures (like Orion but dark). We were able to defeat the dark-star creatures using both direct combat and distractions. We were in some kind of headquarters. We found a map, but it was white lettering on black paper. We also figured out that north was South. There were also some things that could have been orders and a cryptex that was obviously protecting some other information. One of our group really hates puzzles so he used his force of will to remove the cryptex. With this new information we were able to tell that dark-stars were going to attack the farmer’s crops next. 

We quickly traveled up to his fields for a climactic battle. We quickly were outmatched and most of us were down or dead.  Only with guile and luck were we able to repel the attack. We learned that they were trying to open a new gate to bring in more reinforcements which fortunately did not happen. 

Once we got back, we learned that there were problems that had happened in Gau Dring that we had a chance to fix.

We started by going back in time, breaking my first two rules of time travel, again. We were moved back in time to before the events of a few months prior. The first thing we were asked to do was to help the merchant make it to town this time so he could bring necessary supplies.  

We had to fight several waves of brigands who claimed that the merchant owed them fees. As they were not willing to negotiate the fees, they had to be killed. It was sad. 
This continued where we tried to fix some of the things that may or may not have gone badly a few months ago. We collected ore, we recovered a large axe (felling a tree’nt in the process) and a few other things. But in the end the one thing that we really wanted to accomplish failed. We did not prevent the son from joining the cult, again.

Fun little quests.

 - Sir Tao 

  After dealing with World Horizon and taking small nap,  the adventurers still around went into the dreaming to learn more about the Risen Kingdom. It started out with us being sent to a town long before the nations of the realms (I hope). The adventuring party helped fortify the town with wards due to an incoming attack from the Voidlings of the Risen Kingdom. Soon after, we were..well, we became the attacking force. It wasn’t pleasant to say the least. 

We were sent to get a child named Jack, he was protected by his mother and her own ward she held up. After a grueling fight, we...we managed to get it down by killing the mother’s husband right in front of her. I...I almost threw up if I am to be completely honest, However the next part, the next part is what will haunt me. 

We were suddenly in a ritual room and they had us stand in a circle, repeating some chant over and over and over again. Eventually after everyone was chanting they...they killed the boy, Jack, and used him as a vessel of some kind for their leader. It was at this point the adventuring party woke up from the dreaming. I...apologize if this account isn’t very detailed, kind of my first time being shaken up like that in a while.

- Kara Akiak,

Petitioner of Thorne Valley

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