Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Why I Want To Go: Storytellers and Green and Gold

Oh neat!  This weekend brings us two classic events.  Up first is the event called Storytellers.  Since last year was a whole decade of tales, this brings us to year eleven.  (math is useful!)
This year you hear stories from 3 minds:  Ryan, Gau Dring, and Rua Thar Cin.  Each segment will tell its own, individual story.  However, each story must adhere to a theme, and this year's theme is "Do-Over".
As always, this is an event thrown in which all who play must also be prepared to contribute.  Play two quests, and NPC for one.  Do not try to skirt this rule, it is there for a reason.  Believe me, people notice.

The next day, classic Green and Gold!  Its an event that has been around almost as long as me (yikes!) pitting the new, fresh players against the experienced and possibly jaded population.  Tourneys all day!!  Pause for a yummy BBQ (small extra cost, totally worth it!) and then swing right into the night quest.
Sunday, more tourneys.

Im sad to see this is the last year Green and Gold is planned to be run.  Please do not miss your chance to have a great time.  Someone play a round of hammer ball for me!

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