Tuesday, November 15, 2016

What You Missed, Garb Day

What You Missed
Newbie Garb Day!

It Begins!

Sew, what you got?

​"They came!  We sewed! We conquered.... the naked newbie syndrome!"

On garb making day in Chimeron, a caravan of newbies from the western lands (Vermont) made the trek out to Fellwood (the Matulewicz house) in search of garb.  We had a huge stash of generously donated fabric that the new players dug through.  Everyone had an idea of something they wanted....pants, cloaks, tunics, skirts, and found suitable fabric.  Under the watchful eye of Kyomi, the adventurers cut and sewed and walked away looking a lot better than when they arrived.  Only a few had any sewing experience at all.  Comments of "I can't believe I made this!"  and "Wow, I had no idea a few cuts could turn a piece of fabric into a tunic!"  and "Uh oh!  I think the machine is jammed." were heard throughout the day.  Thank you to those who loaned your sewing machines and donated fabric.  We hardly made a dent in the fabric, so we should definitely do this again.  In the meantime, take a look at the fabulously outfitted adventurers.

Fabric, free to those who showed up!

Pot Luck! 
VT to NH, we have costumes and you don't!

Editors Note:
So here's a thing... Steve and Meg have amassed a level of fabric collecting, that borders on Dragon Hoard.  So they opened up their home, for folks to gofer a chance to sew up some costuming.  They sat back and said (and I paraphrase) ...

"Wow, we have a lot of fabric, and we just threw a huge event... so... we need to garb the Realms.  Lets throw the doors open wide and see who wants to make an effort towards immersion." 

As I said, I paraphrase...

Using short words that Internet Based Folk understand...

This, is, important.  This is a big part of how The Realms is different than other LARPs.

"...so we have fabric, so you need garb... so come on by and WE WILL SHOW YOU HOW TO MAKE GARB... ahem... cause ya know, we like, ya know... garb n stuff."

again, I paraphrase... ;)

FYI.  They want to do it again, they have the material to do it again.

Ever watch those Christmas movies with your parents, where people come together to make the big party happen?  To celebrate and enjoy life together?  That's what Steve and Meg are trying to do.  To open their doors, to help you make Garb, to enhance OUR shared Immersion, and to  improve our shared game.

That said... There are people in this game, who want YOU in costume, who will show you how to make garb, who will hand you fabric.  Why?  Because they want you to have a good experience, because they want You to be a part of this community.

ending Editors Note...

...thank you Steve and Meg for making the Realms a better place...


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