Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Why I Want to Go: Bind the Tide

by Diana "Kiira" LaPierre

Are you a little green? No. Not your skin tone or nausea. Have you been playing less than 1 year (or under five events)? Well, do I ever have the activity for you!

For no money, I said no money, out of pocket, you can attend an exciting, enrapturing adventure in the heart of the Mortal World, helping out a Divine Cause! Rather than dwell on the problems of the real world, go, explore, and deal with someone else's problems to make yours fade away. 

If you have been playing for over a year, worry not. For a mere $5, you can spend 6 hours delving into adventure and journey into the imagination of the storytellers. That's less than the cost of seeing the new Marvel Movie!

From the creative mind of an event holder who has thrown several newbie-centric events comes an adventure that will bring both the newest and most veteran players together for fun and excitement! I want to go to Bind the Tide because the event staff puts a lot of thought into making new players feel welcome and making everyone feel like they are part of a questing team!

P.S. I heard through word of mouth that Hillary's previous event this year was a blast! So, you should go!

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