Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thankful from the View Staff

by Diana "Kiira" LaPierre

It's easy to forget at certain times how lucky we really are. With smart phones, Facebook, the internet, all of these conveniences right at the tips of our fingers, we can get overloaded with information, some of it not overly pleasant. The negativity can affect all aspects of our lives. Sometimes, we can get a little negative about our LARP. So, here's reasons to feel thankful about Realms:

I am thankful for:

  • the excited look on Newbies faces when they are battling goblins. 
  • the fact that our swords are light enough for everyone to wield effectively. 
  • Oxford Commas. 
  • the way Realms Memes is keeping it real. 
  • armor being considered all one piece for Repair Item. 
  • when Æston talks with his arms like an overly-excited anime character. 
  • being able to spend time with my kids at events, watching them have fun and wreak havoc with other kids. 
  • the OEC. 
  • spreadsheets. 
  • Oxford Commas. 
  • Toilets at events. 
  • all my nation members and the fact that they have become my family. 
  • Feast'o'crats and the amazing food they provide. 
  • people who NPC. 
  • playing with everyone's babies and then handing them back when they get fussy. 
  • no more Protection magic. 
  • Oxford Commas. 
  • the improvement in NPC masks. 
  • people who teach others important skills. 
  • multiple weekly practices. 
  • skilled magic and combat marshals. 
  • the people who provide services to the game. 
  • fun puzzles. 
  • arch supports
  • the proper ratio of kool-aid powder to water. 
  • overly excited newbies. 
  • shiny things. 
  • and, finally, Oxford Commas.

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