Thursday, November 3, 2016

Ask Syruss

Dear Syruss, 

What essential gear should every aspiring adventurer think to bring with them on a quest, especially the stuff that isn't obvious at first thought? I want to make sure I'm packing the right equipment for every occasion, much like yourself. Please give me some advice!



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Dear Hopefully Packed Pants,

The right type of gear often depends on a few things: location, circumstance and how much stuff do you want to carry.

Now, location can tell you a lot of things. For example, if it is by a beach maybe some floaties (you know you need them, don’t be judgy) for the less aquatically-adept adventurer. If your location is in a volcano, perhaps extra bottles of water and a good fire blanket. Circumstances, if known, can help you prepare big-time. Are you going to be fighting trolls? Bring an axe or mace. Perhaps you are going to chase down some undead - make sure to bring your wards and something blunt. Or maybe you are going to hunt down some dragons? Bring fire-resistant pants, a fire extinguisher, like twenty friends and don’t touch the mimic...

Of course, "how much stuff do want to be carrying" trumps all else, because basically you only need to carry these basic items to adventure (although more things make that adventuring easier). Basic items include but are not limited to: weapons, clothing with reliable shoes, water, suitable shelter if overnight, basic spell components, and of course a buddy…..I mean, I always find questing with a friend essential. But if you are asking me what I bring on a quest I can give you a few pointers (without revealing all my bag of tricks):

1. Weapons of various types. A main weapon I want to work with or I think will be helpful, plus a back-up set in case of boulders and such. I try to have a magic sword or someone with me with the ability to swing such things as well as various other weapons that do special damage. Silver, axe, mace, lava-infused fire know, the basics.

2. Rope. Rope is super-useful and often overlooked. I know people with those circle-type spells all tend to have or carry it but do you? You can do all kinds of things with rope such as: lower yourself safely down a pit (because your buddy with regeneration jumped down the pit to see what was down there…it's nothing… almost always nothing). You can use the rope to tie up nonstop regenerating monsters - you know, the ones that won’t stop getting back up no matter how mushy you make it. You can use rope to fish lost equipment that made its way into the (river, lava, floating in air bubble in the black pit your friend jumped into etc). Rope has a bajillion uses, so carry it.

3. Various spell components people might need. Let’s face it, our friends are forgetful and often do not have the necessary material they need to cast spells **cough** Siff and his familiar **cough* *cough** It never hurts to carry things such as an extra pouches, beads, light spell magic stick thingies, ROPE (:^D), extra focuses, extra cloths for wiping things (faces, weapons, noses that get runny), labels for those alchemists who mix up their bottles (trust me, you want to know the difference between a potion of life and a potion of love).

4. Nets…..for catching things. That’s it, to catch stuff: monsters, fish, meat for dinner, a bandit in the night - you name it.

5. Something that can start a fire. It gets cold people, fires in the middle of a scary woods while adventuring is not only warming but can also help keep wild Gangololi’s at bay (don’t ask). Also, you may just need something to light ritual candles for that extra pizazz - in my experience, gods don’t like non-lit rituals so make sure your ritual is lit as the kids say.

Other than that, it will really come down to the first three things: location, location, location…er, I mean location, circumstance and willingness to carry lots of stuff.

Remember, it is like Sir Lord Nymbous O’Leary always says: “Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and always have someone else to blame.”

Hope this helps…sorry if it doesn’t.

Love Always,

 Sir Syruss O’Leary

Knight of the Blue Rose
Knight of the Potentium
Detective extraordinaire
Love Guru
All-around good guy

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