Friday, June 9, 2017

What You Missed at ToC 24 (photos)

Corsican Mug (photo by Meg Matulewicz)

Chess and Checkers Tournies (photo by Meg Matulewicz)

Creathorne Kids' Quest (photo by Meg Matulewicz)

Dagger Tourney (photo by Meg Matulewicz)

A vision in chartreuse (View Staff)

More weapons tournies (View Staff)

Just hanging out (Photo by Michelle LaPlant)

Throwing Axes (View Staff)

A crowd gathers to watch the live axe throwing (View Staff)

Picking some locks (View Staff)

Gaming in the Tavern (Photo by Michelle LaPlant)

Great Weapon (View Staff)

More Corsican craziness (View Staff)

The old "kick and block" maneuver (Photo by Michelle LaPlant)

Boff Archery (View Staff)

Bardics around the newly renovated firepit (View Staff)

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