Thursday, June 22, 2017

What You Missed (Photo Edition): The Gilded Lion Summer Festival III

Photos from 

The Gilded Lion Summer Festival III: 

Echoes of Ragnarok: Jotunheim

(all photos are by View staff)

Ulric of the Jomsvkings and the Jotun, Bors, speak to the adventurers about their task.

Ulric shows the heroes the lay of the land on the Jotunheim map

Wil and his allies receive the power of the Jotun. 

Not to be outdone, Orion and his allies Jounize

Heroes that have grown to the stature of giants are ready to do battle.

The giant adventurers take on an evil Jotun and some Troll Titans.
A pause in the action for some delicious lunch,

Armor is fashioned out of the scales of the slain beasts in order to better  protect the Jotunized heroes.

The giant adventurers team up to attack the Sky Fish, one of the greatest of the monsters they would face.

Surrounding the dreaded V-Rex is the only way to survive it's onslaught.

The ever-challenging Loki Boxes returned to the event once again.

There were some... odd... creatures in Jotunheim.
Not just giant monsters to fight, the heroes found many enemies to face of a regular stature.

More crafting of arms and armor from the harvested viscera of their slain foes.
The Flame Dragon approaches, ready for battle.

The Jotunized heroes, ready for their final battle.

Finally, the battle against the Chimera of the Four Elements

Nothing left but to cook and serve dinner. Look at all those delicious skewers!

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