Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Why You Should Go to Songs of the Abyss

by Eve Windsor (Alyssa Weisblatt)

Well, for starters …  Sea monsters, sharks, Bounty Hunters, jellyfish, whales, and of course sirens.

Still not convinced?

The plot surrounding Songs of the Abyss has been building up to this pivotal point since The Event Which Cannot Be Named, when a Loch Ness Monster and a Kraken hooked up and somehow produced two eggs.

Since then these two eggs have been slowly incubating and putting their caretakers - Axel and Grebinar - through the loop.  Both eggs are very protective of their “fathers”, and soon they will hatch.

But besides that, there have also been a few black bottles showing up, some have been found, some have been lost.  However, the important thing is that there’s a map!  Yes every grand sea voyage needs a map, and an “X” to mark the spot.  A voyage now begins to get to that point and with any luck the heroes of the Realms will try to destroy a threat before it gets any worse.

There are also whispers of a mysterious goddess who calls her self “The Divine Harlot”, and she’s been singing… a lot.  Placing songs in people’s heads to try and tell them what dangers are making their way to the Realms.

If you plan on taking this voyage, meet up with Axel, Tuilli, and Swoop at Sapphire Isle where they are trying to find a brave captain who is willing to put their life and ship at stake to sail to the North Sea where the map tells us to sail.  It might take some convincing, but most captains will take on a job… for the right price.

A word of caution though, a siren’s song is deadly, it will either sound like nails on a chalkboard and cause your ears to bleed, or it can seduce you to protect the siren and kill your fellow heroes if they stand in your way…

And as always… Don’t die at sea!  For the lovers of lost sailors are the most common to fall victim to the siren’s curse.

This event has been a huge collective effort of many great contributions from fellow community members.  For example, if you want to see a new chapter of monster building, you should come and see what Josh Fitzgerald and his Gau Dring team have been working on, don’t wait for pictures.

Also, please give a warm welcome back to Amber (Haley) Borowy who used to play Lady Yipp of Val Dara.  She will be in charge of NPC “Monster” Camp.
Photo by Alyssa Weisblatt
 Sir Axel Penn Nosetti with his Kraken/Loch Ness hybrid egg, (Lochen? Krackness? The debate has been going on for a while)

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