Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Why You Should Go: Gilded Lion Summer Festival III

by Jason "Aeson" Rosa

There is a world not so different from our own. A world of men and gods and joy and sorrow. That world, Norlund, was all but destroyed by Bedlam as the blackness tore its way across the multiverse. Three years ago, at the first Gilded Lion Summer Festival, the last vestiges of the tattered warriors of those lands found their way to the Realms, seeking the aid of the heroes that vanquished Bedlam once and for all. The heroes of the Realms, they thought, would be able to save their ravaged world. By destroying it through the holy battle of Ragnarok.

This event will be the fifth installment of the Echoes of Ragnarok storyline, the third summer festival. We encourage those interested to come to this latest chapter of the story to challenge the gargantuan monsters of Jotunheim and stop the mysterious enemies who are trying to prevent Norlund from being reborn.

The Summer Festival has become Rhiassa’s forum for testing out some new, innovative, and somewhat whimsical playing mechanics and event concepts. This event emphasises fun and neat concepts in contrast to the gravity of our fall dungeon crawls. We have a set of very new ideas to try out this year and we’re looking forward to our players experiencing them. And of course those develsome Loki boxes will be back for those who dare challenge their mysteries.

Besides a fun day of light-hearted questing our event happily provides both a filling lunch and dinner for our guests.

We’d love to have you in attendance at this year’s Gilded Lion Summer Festival. You can register for the event over at RealmsNET and if you’re interested in reading up on what has happened in the past, a complete writeup of each adventure in the series can be found at!

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