Friday, June 9, 2017

What You Missed - ToC 2017 (War Tourney Edition)

 [Editor's Note: all photos by View Staff unless otherwise marked]

Arken takes the field (Photo by Michelle LaPlant)
The gunslingers of Neden

Who brought the gun to the sword fight?

Gau Dring (Photo by Michelle LaPlant)

Chimeron takes the field

Gau Dring v. Chimeron

Arken v. Snake Cult


Ashenmark (Photo by Michelle LaPlant)

Ashenmark v. Fairhaven



Folkestone v. Blackwood

Ashenmark v. Gau Dring


Creathorne v. Snake Cult

Snake Cult (Photo by Michelle LaPlant)

Eagle's Rook

Blackwood v. Eagle's Rook


Blackwood v. Invictus

More Blackwood v. Invictus

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