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Ask the Editors

Ask the Editors 
The Editors 
Episode 12

Hello again and welcome back. We are in our preteen years here at the Editors Desk, so be prepared for a lot of whining, complaining, and temper tantrums in upcoming episodes. But for now, lets just get to this weeks question, which comes to us via Facebook Messenger:

"Why, after so many years, do you still prioritize playing Realms over the other ways you can be spending those weekends." 


Very good question! Why do we? Let's find out!

First up, Jeremy 'Nighthawk' and Lani 'Gwen' Grayson

“This is an interesting question that I think most people who play Realms have heard at some point or other, especially as we grow older. For us, there are a few reasons we are still active in the Realms community (Jeremy’s been around for 21 years, I’m still a newbie at 9 years). The first reason that comes to mind is that the people in Realms are our friends, those are the people we want to be spending time with on the weekends anyway. As a follow up, Realms is the place where Jeremy and I met, and we still enjoy playing and helping out together, so it gives us something to do together on the weekends. In addition, we both try to give back to the game when we can by helping in various ways. For us, it’s a way to ensure that we are helping to keep the Realms running strong, which is important to both of us. And ultimately, I’m not sure what we would do with our weekends if we weren’t at there a better way to spend your weekend?”

Thank you to The Grayson's for their input.

Next up, let's hear from this weeks winner of 'shortest answer' Alex 'Lucas' Newbold:

“Everyone says it's the people, but it's not the people. It's the challenge, the excitement, and the stories. Which, lets face it, are created by the people. So, it's the people.”

Thank you, Alex.

Last up, let's hear from Sara 'Zarine' Jessop:

“It's interesting because this question seems to assume that I choose Realms over more important things in my life, which I don't. On any given weekend I decide what I am doing based on what is more of a priority at that time. I miss many events due to work, because I have prioritized my career over the game. I could change professions and make more events if I didn't have to work every Saturday, but I would never do that because I love what I do and that is more important to me that making every event every weekend. I could still make it to events later on Saturdays and Sundays, but I usually would rather doing something else other than make the drive for what is mostly just night questing (which isn't my thing) and doing nothing on Sunday but driving home. So an event has to really appeal to me for it to become a priority. Usually the appeal for me if a large number of my friends are going, if there is a good amount of socializing, and if there is going to be enough content on Sunday to make it worth my while.

I have a handful of events I prioritize every year: Leviathan, ToC, Blackwood Tourneys, QoH (though with the new formatting this one is difficult), Folkestone Questing, FoB, and Uncle Cecils. Even these events are sometimes hard to make, for example this year we will miss Folkestone Questing for a Lady Gaga concert (sorry, not sorry) and often Cecil's is the same weekend as our family holiday party.

So basically I prioritize what is more important to me, and it isn't always Realms. In fact, the older I get, the more other things have become a priority, but Realms will always be an important part of my life. It's where most of my friends are. So even if other things in life become more important on occasion than making a given event, the relationships I have formed here will always be a priority. Let's face it, even if I am not an an event, I am probably hanging out with people I met at one.”

So there you have it, the reasons that we prioritize Realms. We all have other things to do sometimes that keep us away, but we always come back and it seems the biggest reason is for the community in one way or another. Most of us count other Realmsies among our best friends, and what better way to spend your weekend than with a group of good friends?

Thanks again for reading this week. Please join us next time when we answer the great question: "Should EHs start putting age limits on their events if they don't want minors attending, or should Staff, parents/guardians, and PCs alike police themselves and their friends if kids are present at an event?"

Questions can be sent to Sara “Zarine” Jessop via email (, facebook messenger, or in person. The question box will also be making the rounds at various events. Please note if you'd like your question to remain anonymous and/or if you would like to address specific editors

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