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Ask the Editors

Ask the Editors 
The Editors
Episode 11

Hello again and welcome back. We had a short break last week as we recouped our strength to answer more questions.

This weeks question comes to us via email:

“What's the one Realms "thing" you've always wondered about, but have personally never tried(and why haven't you)?”


First, Lani 'Gwen' Grayson has an answer for us:

“This was a tough question for me this week, because I’m the type of stubborn person who feels the need to try things that I have done yet, just to see if I can pull them off. But, there are a few things I haven’t tried fully yet that I might be interested in pursuing more in the future. For example, I have tried being a fighter, I’ve been a skirmisher (which was a lot of fun), and I even spent some time as a 1-path, but I’ve never stayed as a 2-path, partially because I’ve never tried to be an archer. Sure, I’ve shot a few arrows at a practice here or there, but I’ve never been an 2-path archer. I think that it might be fun because lots of people seem to enjoy it, but honestly, I’ve never wanted to chase down my weapons...I might just be too lazy for it. I suppose, in writing this, that I’ve realized that I’ve always avoided any spells that involve chasing props such as lightening bolt and magic missile, simply because I have a hard enough time keeping track of props that I’m supposed to carry at all times, let alone props I’m just supposed to send off into the void. On the other end of the spectrum, I’ve only ever wielded a pike in practice, very specifically with Jason when I was his squire, because I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I know people who love to stand on the pike line all day because they find it so fun, but honestly, (and I know I didn’t give it a fair shot), it wasn’t really my thing. Becoming a three path felt like coming home, and I’m glad I gave spells a fair try after so many years in the game. I love being a support caster on the front lines, and I also love having Seed of Life. It has allowed me to play the game in a way that really suits me, but I’m always open to change. I believe that having fun and pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone are what make this game worth participating in.”

Thank you Lani!

Next, Jen 'Areni' DeNardis-Rosa has some thoughts:

“I've always wondered about the art of leather-working. Every year at QoH I see absolutely amazing entries for Armorer and they always blow me away with the attention to details, craftsmanship, and amount of planning, skill, and time that goes into producing them. Many times I've looked at different leather projects that people have made - armor, pouches, accessories, and the like - and said to myself, "I wish I knew how to do that." I have never really tried my hand at leather-working though, other than banging some studs into bracer blanks. There is really no main reason why, just a lot of smaller reasons - lack of time, other things to do, not having enough or correct materials or resources, finding someone to teach me. I feel the same way about chain mail at times too. While I have learned and used both European and Japanese 4-in-1 to make myself armor in the past, I've always wanted to try the more intricate weaves that are used to make jewelry and other trinkets. I went so far as to buy an instruction booklet and ring kit from Ringlord way back when....and they've mostly sat in my basement since then. Maybe someday I'll be able to delve deeper into these crafting hobbies, but for now I will stick to developing my sewing skills (a third Realms "thing" that people create awesome stuff with that I always wished I knew how to do, and have been slowly cultivating with the help of a lot of trial and error, a sewing machine with a drop-in bobbin, and the help of some highly talented Realms seamstresses).”
Thanks, Jen!

And finally, Sara 'Zarine' Jessop has some words:

“This was a difficult question because if I want to do something I usually just do it. But I would say that the thing I really haven't tried is sewing my own garb. I have done a little in the last few years, mostly helping with some simple stuff for QoH prep, but nothing on my own or for myself. I have a sewing machine that was given to me and I have used it once to sew together some tulle for my Yule hat. Some day I would really like to lean how to sew at least some of my own garb. I haven't learned yet due to time and motivation. I have friends who keep offering to help, but I am more of a self learner so I always make excuses. I am also ashamed to admit, I am a little afraid of purchasing fabric. I feel like the people who work at the store are going to take one look at me and roll their eyes at the noob who has no idea what they are doing. But someday I will get over my fear and just do it. Though judging by my ability to sew on a button, it may be an ill fated venture. But I am sure that I will at least have a little fun along the way.”

Thanks Sara! 

So there you have it. We all have something that we maybe want to get into but just aren't sure about, don't have the time, or are afraid to do. If it's something you really want to do, you will find the time and get over your fears. Don't be afraid to try new things! You may find that you really enjoy it. And if not, you've learned a new skill and/or have a new experience to draw from. No experience is ever truly wasted!

Thank you for reading, and please join us next week, when we answer the burning question: "Why, after so many years, do you still prioritize playing Realms over the other ways you can be spending those weekends."

Questions can be sent to Sara “Zarine” Jessop via email (, facebook messenger, or in person. The question box will also be making the rounds at various events. Please note if you'd like your question to remain anonymous and/or if you would like to address specific editors

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