Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Why Should You Go - Conditions of War

Alright, so I've been asked why you should go to Conditions of War.

With Enlon in the lead we at Gau Dring are trying to bring you an experience of a War Tournament not normally seen. We all have been to large scale battles and small team fights, they have their place and are fun, however they leave something to be desired. Many times at these tournaments you see people sitting around and either watching or are bored. Why not engage them? Why not give everyone something to do on the field.

With Conditions of War we are trying to do just that. We will have puzzles, and riddles scattered throughout the site, and will have to traverse the Field of Battle to find these clues and bits. Want to fight some Monsters? Earn points for your team by hunting down creatures during the day, just be sure not to be caught by the opposing Army. Enjoy working as a small group to go Dungeon Delving? We offer that for your enjoyment as well. However if your real joy is still in fighting, either individuals or large scale Maneuvers, we still have that for you.

"But Lako,, what does all this do?" you may ask. That's simple - everything you contribute to your team goes back to your base. You earn resource points to try and build your camp bigger and better because who knows, you may have to defend it. This does come into play on Sunday, there will be a three-tiered over the field battle where how you construct your base comes into play - donyou make it easy to defend and a maze to get to, or do you arm yourself with turrets and war machines?

However, it is not just the Tournament we can offer; Rua Thar Cinn has agreed to let you venture into something Saturday night. Who knows what you may come across.

At the end of this we are trying to supply everything we can to entertain the Adventurers of the Realms, so please come on down and enjoy your time, at night relax with friends around a fire and then during the day get out on the field and show who is the better Army of the Realms.


Lakomasoi Nuntiak
Lord of Gau Dring
Solitaire of Harlequin
Blacksmith Extraordinaire

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