Tuesday, July 11, 2017

I Can't Even

I Can't Even...
Sara 'Zarine' Jessop
… Summer Color 1017

This past weekend at the annual Tournaments of Blackwood I was asked by many people what the summer color was. I wasn't quite sure what the Order of the Peacock had announced as the color, but common consensus was that it was either midnight blue or navy. While I love deep, dark colors, they are really not appropriate for summer. Summer should feature a bright, cheery color. Most of the plebs I spoke with agreed and kept demanding that I decide on a color.

At first I simply told people to wear bright cheery colors. White is an excellent summer color, as are some of the brighter pastels (though I prefer those for spring). Many colors were brought up and discussed and I hadn't quite settled on one until one in particular really struck my eye and called to me. The very lovely Dame Freesia was traipsing across the tourney field wearing a shawl of the most beautiful orange. “But Zarine, colors don't talk...” Yes, yes they do, and this color was yelling, “pick me, pick me!”

Orange is a lovely color. It's the color of the fires that we like to gather around. It's the color of the sunsets that give way to gambling and socializing. It's the color of the sunrise that sometimes we see while singing really really badly and realize we should go to sleep. It's the color of the delicious fruit of the same name. According to 'color psychology' (yes, that's a thing) orange is the color of joy and creativity and who doesn't like that?

So I have decided upon the orange shade of Flame. I know that there isn't much summer left, but it shouldn't be too hard to procure something of this color. You could even just sit around a fire or enjoy a day outside in the sun and be exposed to this happy color and wallow in it's warmth. 

You  could even pick up a little trinket rather than an article of  clothing

I hope that you all enjoy my pick and embrace it as it's really a color that makes people smile and I think we could all use a little more of that.

See you next Tuesday

Zarine is the proprietor and Madam at Alchimia Lupanar, a magic marshal approved practitioner of medicine, an award winning author, and has 36 years of experience in giving her unsolicited opinion.

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