Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Why You Should Tournaments of Blackwood

by Matt "Mathies" Butler

Continuity, but we will get back to that…  Each year the Eventholders for Blackwood Tournaments put together a unique event with things to do for the whole family.  

 Friday starts with some light questing and hang-out time.   

Saturday begins with a Grand Melee to determine the Generals, who then choose their teams schoolyard style.  Like years past, there will be a combination of team and individual battles with some new fights as well as plenty of tournaments for those who don’t swing a sword. While this is going on, there is the option for the kids to be off questing and saving the Realms from evils far greater than you’ve ever seen.  After a solid day of fighting there will an In-Character dinner, Bardics and a Poker Tournament.  When the sun goes down, grab the kids and watch the pyrotechnic display which will light up the sky for the whole family to enjoy.  After the smoke clears, there will a quest for those brave of heart to venture forth and continue fighting those evils that plague our lands.  

Sunday will have continued tournaments and will end with the naming of this year’s winning general.

Continuity, that “C” word our game has needed for a long time.  The EH staff from Blackwood and Folkestone have combined their years of event-throwing talents and are working together to bring you just that.  Those of you who were at N/S this year may recognize some familiar faces.  It is rumored that His Excellency, Nertail, will be attending the Dinner.  It is also rumored that others from New Verai, including a High Priestess or two, will be there as well, some even fighting alongside you in the tournaments as you support your General. 

See you on the field.

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