Monday, July 10, 2017

Realms Resources

Realms Resources
by Kimberly "Mayumi" Lougee

In addition to, The View from Valehaven, The Library of Ivory, and a Facebook group, did you know that the realms now has its own Wiki? is chock full of useful info for players, new and old. So far the focus has been on Crafting Knowledge, something the small wiki team knows a lot about. We have instructions on how to make your own realms-legal boff weapons, and tutorials for sewing garb and bits of kit. There is some info available on learning to fight, along with tips on role playing and getting involved when you are in character. We are also in the process of writing a brief summary of the rules, so they will be easier to explain to younger new adventurers.

With help, your help, the RealmsWiki can become a well rounded resource for anyone interested or involved in our Realms. We’re looking for help with crafts other than sewing and melee weapon construction, and someone who knows about fighting - both technique and tactics. Anything else you think a fellow LARPer should know, from pack lists to navigating Feast season with food allergies, will be a welcome addition. Request an account to help out directly, or just send an email info-drop to

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