Friday, July 14, 2017

10 More Questions with.... John "Jack" Berrini

Photo by Casey Lemay

1) What achievement either in or out of character are you most proud of?

OOG, having proposed, passed and been elected to the Arbitration Committee the last two years. I appreciate the trust and confidence the community places in me. In game, taking my Story with Tallon and Neden full circle. Now, Becoming a member of Grimloch and sharing a tabard with some old friends and kindred spirits

2) Are you a fighter or a caster? Have you always been? How did you choose?

In the 90s I was a Rogue spellcaster. Building spell ability every event and gaining game abilities was magical to me as a young teenager. Later I was a necromancer when it was a counter culture and had one of the few paths to regeneration. I went fighter when I took a serious role as a nation leader because I felt it was proper to lead from the front, and with armor and a big sword.

Recently I started Alchemy because it gave an interesting approach to roleplaying creating scrolls and potions. I’ve penned my own scrolls in game with quill and ink well, sealed them with wax and a brass seal. I recently got a chemistry set with a burner, beakers and tubes that I hope will bring interesting role play to the game.

3) Have you ever owned an artifact, memento, or magic item that has meant a lot to you, and why?

The first magic item we got as a group was the Crystal Hall dagger aka the Thunder Cats dagger because of the shape of the cross guards. I still have the original prop

4) What group of people do you spend the most time with and why?

Grimloch. Fun guys that I have a good time with

5) Who is your best friend in character and why?

Del and Teddy. I love running around with those guys on quests

Photo by Casey Lemay

6) What event or moment had the greatest impact on you as a player?

After an extended break from the game I came back from serving in the Army. The people of the game were supportive of a new direction that I wanted to take my roleplaying and characters.

7) What event or moment had the greatest impact on your character?

A few years back I was the winning general at NS war. This was my anniversary event and it meant a lot to have the backing of friends from a varied backgrounds. The experience nicely book ended a storied existence at my favorite event over 20 years.

At feast of Leviathan this year I was officially welcomed as a full member of Grimloch. In some respects this was long overdue having such a long history with most members. I was like being welcomed back into a long lost family.

8) What is your most embarrassing moment, either IC or OOC?

OOG I came back to realms severely ignorant to the culture change of the Realms. I set up to throw my first event back. I dumped a large amount of time and money into this event. I made flyers, got a pricey site, printed currency (that I still have), made tabards, masks epic plot. Then the event fell flat. We got 23 staff and as of Saturday had only one player. The event ended up not meeting the required attendance.

I’m happy to say I’ve thrown several successful events since then including “Learn to Fly” and the Dreamweaver series.

9) What is the best piece of advice you'd give to other players?

When role-playing, lock onto one thing that centers you to your character, your inspiration. It could be a phrase, a scene, a mental image of the character you based your role on. Every once in a while put yourself into this character. Close your eyes and think as this person, then open your eyes.

Another roleplaying exercise is to try and make period a conversation that others are having out of game.  

10 ) What is the most important thing you've learned through the game?
Networking. I've met landlords, tenants, friends, girlfriends, my army recruiter, co-workers and many amazing people through realms. 

Photo by Megan Matulewicz

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