Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Why Should You Go - Grimloch Grill and Games

By Hannah "Nhadala" Blood

Oh hey there everyone… I’ve been asked to write a “why you should go” for Grimloch Grill & Games. I’m gunna be honest here; I’m not really used to needing to explain myself. So here’s a list: 
  1. It’ll be awesome & You’ll have fun.
  2. All your friends will be there.
  3. You get to hit those friends with bamboo and stuff.
  4. There will be food - #snacks
  5. Mixed drink contest - #Booze-o-hol.
  6. I hear there’s a magic item and a salty favor.
  7. Raffle prizes - #Winning
  8. Poker and whatever - #Losing
  9. Non-coms - #LaziestPersonIKnowIsMe
  10. Weekend memories you can hide from your co-workers - #SecretNerds #JustWentCamping
There you go. Ten whole numbers in list form. See you there!

  • Nhadala of Grimloch – Salt Queen -

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