Tuesday, June 28, 2016

A Note on this Sunday's Fight-a-thon by Dave "Vawn" Hayden

This coming Sunday at Tournaments of Blackwood, members of the Realms community will gather to participate in a Fight-a-thon to raise money in Bud’s name for TakeThis, Inc., a charity dedicated to providing education about mental health issues, providing support for gamers of all types, and reducing the stigma of mental illness. The Fight-a-thon will run for three hours, from 3:00 – 6:00pm.

Bud’s mom, Pat, has provided the fighters with an additional incentive in the form of two Boxes of Hope from TakeThis to be given to two of the participants; whoever wins the most fights and whoever loses the most fights – because there is as much honor in the struggle as there is in victory (nifty pictures of the Box of Hope can be found here).

The current list of committed participants includes:
  • Cody Garcia
  • Dave Hayden
  • Greg Falconer
  • Ian Pushee
  • James Murphy Jr
  • Josh Learned
  • Keith Cronyn
  • Michael Zajac
  • Ray McGuirk Jr.
  • Henry Giasson
  • Jesse Gifford

Sponsoring someone for the Fight-a-thon is easy and your pledge doesn’t have to be a large amount. You can pledge based on the number of fights someone participates in or the number of fights they win, a set amount, or even come up with your own incentives to make it interesting. Every little bit will help. You can contact any of the fighters directly via Facebook or their email on Realmsnet, or contact me if you’re running into a challenge getting in touch with someone.

For a continuously updated list of participants, Q&A and other information, please make sure to keep checking back on this Facebook post in the Realms group!

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